Personal branding is more than posting pictures of your lunch on social media.

Personal branding isn’t about flash. Or about bragging. Thank goodness.

Personal branding begins with recognizing that you have a reputation, influence, and the ability to use that influence to influence others to take action in your favor.

Leaders who are savvy understand that personal branding is about communicating who you are and what you are working towards. This helps to build momentum.

You are probably a CEO. You know the value and importance of having a distinctive brand for your company. Your customers will choose you because of your brand and the value it represents.

As CEO, you are aware of your key audiences — customers, prospects and employees. These people are important. They should follow you, be passionate about your mission, have a vision and a plan to achieve it.

You want them coming, following, and staying. You must communicate with them all the time.

A strong personal brand is a powerful tool that does all of this and more. These are just a few of the additional benefits.

Control the Narrative

Your brand is already established. Even if branding has not been a priority, people already have impressions and opinions about you, as well as about the company that you run. People respond to what you say and do, as well as what others think about you and what you don’t say.

The story may not be 100% accurate without your input.

External people wouldn’t have control over the story about your business. Why would you allow your own narrative to be controlled?

It makes more sense to share your views, aspirations, goals, motivations, struggles, milestones, and other information so that others can get a clear picture of what you are doing and why.

Connect with your People

Your personal brand becomes an asset when you plan it well. Your goals, perspective, motivations and values not only define who you are but also invite others to join you on your journey. Others are excited by what you do and want to be a part of it.

You attract more people who understand you, whether they are customers, partners or investors. It is also easier to filter out people who aren’t a good fit.

Building Credibility and Loyalty

People feel confident in their personal brand and know you well before they ever meet you. Their relationship with you begins before they even meet you.

You can build trust quicker and your clients will be more prepared for meetings. It is easier to conclude all kinds of agreements and deals.

People will be more comfortable handling news when they have to make difficult decisions. Because they feel they know the reasons and the person behind them.

Increase your business performance

Simon Sinek said it right: “We don’t do business with businesses.” We do business with people. The human behind business is always important.” Business is always human.” They like doing business with people they can trust and who are approachable.

You are the CEO of your company. While you may have corporate spokespersons, you are the chief executive officer of your company. Your personal brand will serve the business well in both good and bad times.

Multiple studies have shown that the reputation of the CEO has a significant impact on the company’s success. Weber Shandwick conducted a study and found that 49% of a company’s reputation is attributable to the CEO. 60% of a company’s market value can be attributed to its reputation.

Create your personal brand that works for you

You have a brand. It is only a matter of whether or not it is helping you and/or your company get there. Don’t let your influence go to waste and don’t underestimate its power. It’s a great time to create and clarify the story that you want to tell — and to help you get there faster.

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